Friday, June 28, 2013

How to completely ruin your data plan in 3 hours

Just setup your phone like this:

I tell you my story:

I rebuilt my physical network infrastructure at home and I was playing with network cards because of Hyper-V also.

From some time I noticed lags and delays when using Internet - videos on YouTube were streaming slowly and so on - and then - my phone started to receive sms that I am completely off my data plan.

So then I realized that lan cable from my router is not plugged in the network card - but I didn´t noticed it, because my phone automatically tethered me to the mobile network. Same icon in Windows, so I could´t notice the network change.
Maybe Microsoft could work on this somehow. Different icons for networks:
Wired connection
Wireless connection
Tethered connection

Avoid USB tethering as a default USB connection to PC. Never ever, even if you are working on something. You can forgot about that easily and your data plan can vanish.